Kate Nash Bash


Kate Nash and Ryan Jarman’s pillow talk must have the bed mites running for cover. The sweet singer has gone all tough since she started dating The Cribs star.

And during a boozy trip to the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, Kate threw beer over some “industry w*****s” who weren’t getting into Ryan’s set, hit out at desperate skinny celebs and aggressively insisted she deserved her victory over Leona Lewis as Best Female at the Brits last month. She has even written a punk song to release her new-found anger.

After a great SXSW show, Kate revealed: “I’ve just been hanging out with Ryan and watched The Cribs. There has been lots of sun and beer. He gets angry but I do too. I threw some beer over some of the crowd at The Cribs gig over here the other day. I thought it was going to be amazing – but I got there and the band were amazing but the crowd were s**t. It was just industry w*****s with their clipboards. I threw a beer and it went over all of these industry people and they got upset. And I was like, ‘Have you never had beer thrown over you at a gig before? It’s a Cribs gig.’ Some of my friends have broken bones at gigs. I went to a party and it was full of horrible stick-thin people. We did my new song in one live take. There are so many people in this industry who make you angry. It makes you want to scream.”