Michael Jackson’s daughter signs up for first movie role


The teenage daughter of Michael Jackson has signed up for her first movie role. Paris, 13, is set to star in Lundon’s Bridge And The Three Keys. The budding actress is to play the heroine in the fantasy movie, which will be a mix of real and animated characters. Jackson’s family wanted her to wait until she was 18 before launching a career — but she persuaded granmother Katherine, 81, that the film had a message close to her late dad’s heart. A source told the Sun newspaper: “Her character’s strong love for her father is central to the plot.” Profits from the film will go to US schools.

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Mitch Winehouse: Listening to Amy’s new album was very difficult


Amy Winehouse’s father has said that he found hearing his late daughter sing on her new album “very difficult”. During an appearance on UK TV show Daybreak, the singer’s dad Mitch Winehouse revealed that he and his ex-wife Janis had to listen to their daughter’s posthumous LP, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, before it could be released. “The estate, which I’m a part of my ex-wife and I we could decide to put it out or not put it out, and when we went to listen to the album it was a very difficult time for us,” he explained. “It was very emotional. But we just had to sit through it and after the first couple of songs we sort of calmed down a little bit...

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Michael Stipe: ‘Idea of a solo career is unfathomable’


Michael Stipe has insisted that he won’t be launching a solo career following the end of REM. The group announced their split in September after 31 years together, and the lead singer is adamant that there is one direction that he won’t be going in. On the idea of going it alone, he told Rolling Stone magazine, “It’s unfathomable to me right now. What would it sound like? Watered-down REM?” He also revealed that they had been plotting the split from as far back as 2008, and keeping it a secret was one of his biggest challenges yet. “It was very hard. My fear was that it would leak — and it would be my fault. It’s not like we sat down one night and had a sombre discussion. But we were at the end of a record contract. We are all in our fifties and have other lives. “And REM...

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Kate Moss gives N-Dubz star Fazer fashion advice


N-Dubz star Fazer has reportedly asked Kate Moss to help him launch his own fashion line. The 24-year-old has apparently been getting advice from supermodel Moss, 37, and plans to showcase his first collection at London Fashion Week next year. According to British newspaper The Sun, a friend said: “Kate and her set have taken Fazer under their wing. “As unlikely as it seems, they have formed a genuine friendship and have enjoyed many a night out together. “She’s got a great eye and she knows how to market things. There is even talk that she could feature in the ad campaign.”

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Kate Moss ‘splashes out £20,000 for Boy George performance’


Kate Moss reportedly splashed out £20,000 to be serenaded by Boy George at a charity auction. The supermodel is believed to have won the bidding for a personal rendition of Culture Club’s Do You Really Want To Hurt Me at The Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening in London — and George was so pleased that he invited her to join in. A source told The Sun, “Kate is a massive Boy George fan and Do You Really Want To Hurt Me is her favourite track. She would probably have gone higher if needed.”

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